The antics at the Wicksteed home are a satirical merry-go-round. Family, friends and the sexual satisfaction of the “corpus” (body) are the ruling passions in this farcical comedy of ill-manners. Through a dance of mistaken identities and carnal encounters, one motto holds fast: “He whose lust lasts, lasts longest.”

Play Runs:           10th – 19th January 2019

Cast List:

Dr Wicksteed – Carl Horton

Mrs Wicksteed – Esther Horton

Dennis – Sam Speed

Connie – Louise Horton

Mrs. Swabb – Jo James

Cannon Throbbing – Rod Bissett

Sir Percy Shorter – Ray Lawrence

Mr Shanks – Dominic Holmes

Lady Rumpers – Sue Evans

Felicity Rumpers – Jessamy Ashton

Mr. Purdew – Craig Hobson